Wish List

Englewood Pirate Band Wish List – 2015

Our Band Wish List is a personalized list of communal items Mr. Emery would like to have to improve our students’ band experience. Some of the items on this list would be an amazing addition to the new band room we are expecting to have after the finish of the new school construction. Some of the instruments we have are on their last “note” and have been repaired so many times it has affected the quality of their sound. We have a very limited amount of funds to purchase new instruments & equipment and so we depend on the generous donors of our community to help us out. Mr. Emery updates our list frequently, so check back when you can to see if there is something that you would like to purchase for the band. If you decide this isn’t the best way to help out then you might be interested in becoming a sponsor for the band through our corporate sponsors page.

*** Wish List **

  • Vibraphone – $2000
  • 2 Tenor Saxophones – $2000 ea.
  • 2 Alto Saxophones – $1000 ea.
  • 18″ Classic Orchestral Suspend Cymbal – $285
  • 17″ K Dark Thin Crash Cymbal – $280